AthlEATS Meal Prep

AthlEATS is Southern Illinois #1 meal delivery services with over 80,000 meals delivered. We know eating a clean and healthy diet can be challenging, especially with life’s constant demands.

Let us help you! Simply place your weekly order anytime between 5pm Sunday  – Thursday midnight and we will take care of the rest. AthlEATS offers meal pick up at three easy locations and delivery right to your front door. Train hard with the fuel you need to perform and let AthlEATS fuel your success!

Meet Brynn Wheetley – Owner & Founder:

Brynn Wheetley would tell you some of her first memories were learning how to cook in the kitchen. From learning from her grandmother who was working as the prep cook at a local pizza shop to her dad sneaking her in to help at restaurants he managed in Savannah, Georgia.

In fact, her favorite memory was the day her dad taught her how to make Basil Pesto from scratch for a four star restaurant at just thirteen years old. The restaurant was short handed and Brynn stepped up to cover. When the restaurant manager found out the next day he was upset, not because her dad had snuck her in, but because he couldn’t hire the little girl who had just worked circles around his normal crew.

Somewhere along the line she fell in love with the food industry and has never looked back. “My heart wouldn’t be fulfilled if I was not doing something in the food industry,” says Brynn, “Why? Because I get to take of you from the inside. Instead of just feeding you an indulgent meal that tastes awesome right at that moment AthlEATS can help you create something that not only tastes good but might help improve their quality of life.”

It’s the love and care that she gets to put into every meal. There are no words to describe that feeling. “It’s because I’m doing what I know I’m suppose to be doing.” says Brynn.

As someone who had the kind of health scare that completely changes someone’s life, Brynn was forced to make dramatic changes to her diet and lifestyle.  After struggling with weight for years a health scare made  Brynn completely rethink her own diet. After dropping from 188lbs all the way down to 125lbs in less than a year she found a lot of people around her struggling with the same challenge. How to eat healthier without spending all their time preparing meals. It started with just a few friends, grew quickly into a bustling business and just like that AthlEATS was born.

Today AthlEATS is Southern Illinois #1 meal prep business with over 80,000 meals served.


Brynn Wheetley - AthlEATS Meal Prep

Brynn Wheetley

Founder & Chef

Dustin Wheetley - AthlEATS Meal Prep

Dustin Wheetley

Founder & Chef

AthlEATS Delivery Team

Support Team

AKA The "Mini-Wheets"